Early Learning Languages Program (ELLA)

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) is digital language program for Kindergarten children. The Australian Government began trialing the program in 2015 and two years later, has made it available to all preschools. The ELLA program is aimed at encouraging more students to learn languages in later years.

2018 is our first year using the program at Tarneit ELC and we’ve made the Chinese language (Mandarin) our focus.

The program is delivered via a series of iPad applications, featuring characters called the Polyglots. Our children are introduced to words, sentences and songs in Mandarin.

ELLA has created opportunities to draw on children’s interests, which have been incorporated into other areas of our Kindergarten program. For example, ‘The Polyglots at the Zoo’ app identified the children’s interest in animals and therefore the educators were able to offer various related experiences covering a wide variety of developmental domains.

Benefits of ELLA

* Knowledge of how language works

* Improving listening skills

* Identifying sounds

* Assists with the development of foundation skills e.g. colours and counting

* Celebrates cultural diversity and strengthens family links with Kindergarten

* Encourages students to continue language studies in their school years

* Uses cognitive and social skills

* Improving memory, concentration and problem-solving skills

* Developing digital skills

Visit www.ella.edu.au to find out more or speak to our Kindergarten teacher, Tess.