Tarneit Early Learning Centre is a modern climate controlled purpose-built facility with 8 separate children rooms offering child care to children aged 6 weeks to school age, incorporating a preschool program.

Our large, natural outdoor play space is separated into areas to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all children. All outdoor play spaces have plenty of protection from the sun, primarily through the many large trees that have been planted on and around the site, but also via the sails installed to cover the high use areas.


This sensory-motor stage consists of 6 sub-stages that show significant gains in a child’s thinking as they progress through infancy. Children are using their physical or motor skills and their senses to explore their world and develop cognitive understanding.


At this age, we’re nurturing children as they begin to learn how to walk.


Children navigate their way through trial and error problem-solving.


Pretend/symbolic play. Toddlers often pretend to be people they are not – superheroes, policeman, for example and may play these roles with props that symbolise real-life objects. Children may also invent/create an imaginary playmate.


This age involves gaining a sense of independence and personal control. Success in the stage allows children to develop their will and determination.


Associative Play. In this stage, children begin to play together, but not focused towards a common goal. A child will be more interested in playing with other children around them rather than the toys they play with. Associative play is slightly different to parallel play as children may continue to play separately from one another, but they start to become more involved in what others around them are doing. This is an important stage of play as it develops necessary skills such as cooperation, problem solving and language development.


Educators work with children to promote their interests for discovery and enquiry.

Kindergarten Voyagers

Student centred, self-directed, experiential learning journey in a relationship driven environment. This stage is based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery through a self-guided curriculum.


We offer an inclusive orientation program to assist your child to settle into the new environment. This process helps to develop the relationships with the educators in your child’s room before starting at the centre. Orientations are conducted between 9am and 11am or 2pm and 4pm daily.

Book in a tour of the facility via our website or contact us on 8742 7400. Tours are conducted daily between 9am and 11am or 2pm and 4pm, alternate tour times can be made via appointment.